01. Jung-Hoon failed his [medical] examination, so he didn't have to do military service.
02. Voltaire said that the art of [medicine] consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.
03. An Egyptian king once wrote that books are the [medicine] of the soul.
04. There is an African proverb which holds that there is no [medicine] to cure hatred.
05. More than 20,000,000 seahorses are harvested each year for folk [medicinal] purposes.
06. When it first came out, ketchup was actually sold as a [medicine].
07. My sister is studying [medicine] at university, and is planning to become a surgeon.
08. King David once stated that a joyful heart is [medicine] to your body.
09. My daughter had some kind of strange infection in her mouth, so we looked it up in a [medical] dictionary, and got some ideas of what to do to treat it.
10. Animal testing studies are performed to find out how drugs affect the human body when used [medicinally].
11. During his chemotherapy treatments, he took a new [medication] made from marijuana in order to control his nausea.
12. She uses a variety of [medicinal] herbs to treat her illnesses.
13. Depending on one's country of origin, students hoping to study in this country may have to undergo a [medical] before being granted a visa.
14. A nurse is not [medically] qualified to prescribe drugs.
15. The Talmud advises that wherever wine is lacking, [medicines] become necessary.
16. We now know that nature is full of [medicinal] plants, but most of us can't recognize them.
17. Always ask your doctor about any [medication] he or she prescribes for you.

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